Waiting for…

The board exams are over but now the waiting for the results and its concurrent tensions and anxiety begins.
Those toddlers who have applied to enter at the lowest rung of the academic institutions are waiting for their names to appear on the select list to begin their twelve-year grind.
We have also now reached that phase of the year when we will keep looking skyward and fervently wait for the dark clouds to envelope the skies and open up to provide that relief from the scorching heat that seems to be rising by the day.
In many localities the denuding of the original green cover and mushrooming of grey man-made structures is having its effect on the temperature graph. Residents will need to wait for the new saplings planted to grow into much needed shade givers.
Just a few days ago we saw a citizen relieving himself adjacent to the bus stop at the airport junction. It seems we will have to wait for some while longer for citizens to be more civic conscious.
The wait for a better quality of life cannot end by the actions of government and authorities alone.
Every citizen needs to play his/her part to make that wait shorter.