Visual Pollution


Citizens would have surely noticed that there has been a sudden spurt in the number of hoardings and advertisement boards throughout the main localities of the neighbourhood.
While the need to generate revenue through such avenues is an acceptable strategy- it should not however be at the cost of marring the aesthetics of a precinct or the ambience of a locality.
One may recall that a healthy tall tree providing good avenue shade was cut down allegedly to improve the visibility of a hoarding on the building behind it.
A sustained legal battle in Mumbai by an activist finally culminated in a court order to remove hoardings and such other defacements of the heritage buildings of that city. Studies have shown the detrimental effects of visual pollution on the psychological well being of the people of the area.
It may even be argued that these are traffic hazards as it tends to distract the drivers attention from the road.
As reiterated ad nauseam – people from other parts of the country and world flock to our state to soak in its unique ambience and visual serenity.
Filling the spaces with visual clutter is therefore, not desirable.