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Time ticking away for Vasco’s Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in Vasco – a heritage structure in the heart of the town and the only clock tower structure in Goa is in urgent need of restoration.
The need to restore this heritage structure was highlighted earlier in this newspaper and even a comprehensive restoration and area development plan made by a young architect of Vasco was put forward.
The Goa Heritage Action Group has also been persistently making attempts to get the Municipality to take action to restore this structure and several meetings were held with the Municipality in this regard.
However nothing seems to have moved on the ground.
Time is ticking by and the structure will deteriorate with the passage of time, making later restoration efforts more difficult and costlier.
Will the chimes of this heritage clock be heard across town once again.
Only time will tell!

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  1. Smita Sahay
    Smita Sahay10-22-2014

    What are the barriers that are preventing the restoration work? Is it government apathy, lack of funds, public apathy, or any other? Once the exact reasons are ascertained lobbying can be taken up accordingly