The magic of 14

Anniversaries are a time of reflection on the days gone by and celebration of the enrichment gained through more experiences.
Every year forward has been another significant rung in the ladder of our climb upwards. Our endeavours to be that catalyst coalescing neighbourhood activities for wholesome benefit has been unrelenting.
Garbage or Garba, Antarctic Research or Anganwadi, Gourmet cuisine or Gadda food, Self-Help Groups or Big Businesses, Sports or I.T. tech stuff, Real Estate or real life issues of our neighbourhood – all merit attention in our scheme of things.
When we hark back to the scenario prevailing in our neighbourhood 14 years ago in August 1999, and compare it to the situation today, rapid changes – both good and bad – the neighbourhood has witnessed is evident.
This transformation fortifies the relevance of the publication of Vasco Watch. To a large extent we have achieved our aim to reduce the disconnect that is the result of a burgeoning population and residential enclaves sprouting well away from the original town jurisdictions.
Our 12,000 copies in circulation is a distance buster. We connect the people to happenings of the neighbourhood and businesses to customers.
It is also heartening that our Community Initiatives, be it a visit to the State Library, a cultural evening, Vasco Watch Children’s Issue or creative workshops, have all elicited enthusiastic response. This reinforces our belief that we are in the right direction.
Vasco Watch, Your Neighbourhood Newspaper – a publication for an informed community remains our raison d’être.
We celebrate our association with the neighbourhood and thank you for your unstinted support, encouragement and appreciation of our endeavours.

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  1. Kris Krishnan
    Kris Krishnan09-11-2013

    Hi Vasco Watch,
    Congratulations. I still remember the days when it was just a labour of love. May you be the conscience of your community and get to serve and represent it well into the future.