The Ides of March


The saying goes ” Beware of the Ides of March”. It was the day – 15th of March, that the Roman emperor Caesar was killed. That date has now thankfully passed without any tragedy occurring.
However with the temperatures soaring the past few days, and tempers fraying in the heat, there is still the potential danger of untoward incidents triggered by the hot weather occurring. Not the most ideal ambience for youngsters preparing for their exams.
Talking of rising heat, the tempo and tempers and temperatures of the electoral fray have also been rising. The countdown to the E-Day has begun and as the date closes in there will be the expected frenzy to get the voter on one’s side. These elections will be a watershed moment for our nation. Will the ‘aam janata’ shed the decades of caste and creed voting patterns and choose honesty, accountability, governance and development as criteria for choosing its representatives. Time will tell.