The flag flies high


The country is at the cusp of some very exciting times.
The mood is very positive in all spheres. We have the right ingredients to make this dream a reality. A country where the demographic is tilted heavily towards the younger age bracket.
We have scores of bright minds eager to innovate and create in diverse fields, raw material in abundance, and a young workforce that has energy and ambition.
The world is looking at us with great expectations.
Investors, both foreign and domestic are today, ready to back just an idea — not just existing products, because they can sense the immense potential waiting to convert into a million dollar business.
Yes, it takes two to tango.
The powers that be need to be the catalyst to make this transformation happen – as facilitators – not just regulators.
And yes, we need to rid ourselves of that cancer that eats into every fibre of society – CORRUPTION – that dissipates every positive step forward by eating into the innards of any growth story.
Can this happen?
Yes – and the first step begins with you!
May this Republic Day be the harbinger of great times ahead for this country that is the cradle of the oldest civilisation on this planet!