The difficulty of being good

The title of the book by Gurcharan Das “The difficulty of being good” sums up the etymology of the tragedy that has taken place in Uttrakhand.
We all know what chaos a choked storm-water drain can cause. It , therefore, doesn’t take cerebral exercise to imagine what the consequences of tampering with the flow of mighty rivers that have glacial origins will be.
It is amazing how small breaches of regulations and laws, incrementally builds into a potential for enormous death and destruction when disaster strikes.
Why do law makers and enforcers suffer from chronic myopia? Is the larger picture or far horizon so difficult to see?
Why is it so difficult to adhere and enforce the norms that have been formulated for the larger good? Is it so difficult to ward off inducements and temptations?
Being just plain good though very elementary, does not seem to be within the cross-hairs of the narrow telescopic sight through which many people view life. Today’s life is a man-made complicated scenario. Go- getting and ambition has transmogrified into aggression. Sensitivity and sensibility are the casualties of this transformation.
We need deep cleansing. Not just for the pores of our skin but for the very core of our souls, to change the complexion of the way we live.