Sweet 16

Our sixteenth year begins.
The sixteenth year of one’s life is considered special and exciting.
It’s an age when a gawky persona blossoms. An age when the thoughts are focussed towards an unending horizon that beckons with positive energy and promises excitement and opportunities.
It’s an age when the phrase ‘fear of the future” is not part of the lexicon, and foraying into the unknown is not deterred by the baggage of any past unsavoury experience – for every dawn is a new day and a new beginning. Nothing seems impossible.
This is a phase that sits on the cusp of childhood and adult transformations. The psyche flip flops between childish exuberance and adult inhibitions.
This persona sheds its ‘fledgling’ tag, and spreads its wings to bravely explore the wide world.
Our publication feels these positive energies.
There is a feeling that there is an ocean of experiences that need to be explored and narrated to the neighbourhood. A strong inclination to further integrate the large diverse readership with that gelling factor that will provide a feeling of oneness, camaraderie and caring.
This significant phase in our endeavours coincides with an auspicious festive occasion. Paying obeisance to the Lord who removes all obstacles. A Divine persona that the mortals depict in all the diverse human experiences and activities , one who is amenable to these earthly depictions but still retains that Divine adulation.
We look ahead to traversing this sixteenth year with the unabashed excitement of a teen and also savour and share every moment with the neighbourhood.
We wish the neighbourhood on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturti.