Summer Camp


Summer hols are fast approaching.
Time to choose the activities and camps to enrol your child. Childhood has become a much regulated and programmed affair. Not much time for the youngster to just be.
In the days of yore, summer hols was a time when children and their neighbourhood gang had to invent their own ways to keep themselves busy and entertained. Imagination soared from a simple game of marbles to more complex activities indoors and outdoors.
It was a time when kids went out after breakfast – came back sweating and dusty for a bath and lunch – no siesta thereafter – back outdoors for more sweat and grime.
Each one had that secret hiding place that no one knew for ‘Robbers and Police sessions. Seven flat stones were kept safely away for reuse.
Times have changed. Youngsters are dropped off at a chosen summer camp. Art, craft, sport, music or dance is the normal staple fare at these sessions. Each week sees a new camp.
A month passes and its time to get back to the grind of school.
What do youngsters prefer? Summer camp or doing their own thing?
Ask your kid.