Stalled is a word that is gaining notoriety both at the national and local level.
Starting from the top – the Parliament seems to specialise in being stalled. The issues that cause the disruption in the proceedings have been diverse and convoluted. But somewhere at the core of it all seems to be either corruption, vested interest or lack of sensitivity.
Closer home, at the time of going to press, the setting up of the stalls at the annual Saptah looks to be stalled. The new procedure of allotting stalls has run into rough weather with allegations of manipulation. It was planned by the MMC to demarcate separate areas according to type of stall. This did not go well with the regular stall keepers as they apprehended loss of business due to inappropriate location. The new allottees also claimed the stall spaces as allotted to them. This deadlock was not resolved at the time of going to press.
This impasse may see no stalls being opened during this Saptah, except for the food and sweetmeat stalls and few other stalls by schools or organisations.
The worst kept secret is the fact that most stalls are sublet at a premium.
The crying need is for transparency of procedures and honesty of intention in all aspects of administration and governance.
They way things are going, Dignity, Dedication and Devotion seem to have been dumped in the dustbin for baser human fallibilities.