Sporting Blues


Let’s face it. It’s just a game. No need for going blue in the face to complement the playing colours, even if we get trounced.

After all , it’s not a national calamity. Ironically, national calamities draw less attention or clamour and post-mortem and analysis.
Besides the bookies who gave odds in favour of a win for the men in blue, and those who wagered their hard earned money on them to win, what actually was the loss?
National pride? There are a zillion other more important things we cannot be proud of – but they don’t even enter the periphery of national debate and discourse.
We revel in elevating icons to stratospheric levels and the heavens come crashing down when defeat or failure strikes.
There are many more matches to come. Some will be won and some will be lost. Life will go on. Let’s just be good sports!