Self Goal

The greatest show on earth, the FIFA World Cup football extravaganza, began with a self-goal that had the stadium packed with home team supporters in a shocked hush.
Closer home, the stadium (a.k.a. nation) is charged with hope, expectation and promise of a paradigm shift in governance, accountability and moral standards.
The team that has romped home with a thumping majority in the qualifiers (a.k.a. elections) is now in the spotlight.
They are now in the saddle when the level of scrutiny of every little action, media intrusiveness and the detractors’ keenness to debunk every claim and promise made, has become so acute, that nothing will escape the fine mesh of the critic’s sieve.
All the more reason that the defenders of the home goal (a.k.a. ruling party) are alert and athletic in their endeavours to ward off any attack that would allow impregnation of their defences.
The weak-hearted and incapable need to be weeded out. The bench strength needs to be beefed up, as many on the field, will, perhaps run out of steam in the long haul and need to be substituted.
Every move will need to be measured and practiced. No room for off the cuff improvisations that will be fraught with chinks that will be fair game for the critics.
The stadium is packed with an audience that will not brook anything less than the winner’s trophy. After all, they are the ones who selected this team to represent them.
The goal should not be for the self, or else they will be shown the red card and expelled from the field in the next tourney.