Random thoughts on a hot summer day

The recent decision to levy entry toll fee for vehicles from outside the state has kicked up a furore as well as the prices of vegetables. Authorities say we will weather this storm. We started a Goa Kitchen Garden Group last month and had about 30 enthusiastic participants joining the group. I am sure if they are growing something in their backyards or on balconies, they are not too perturbed with the current vegetable crisis. An idea was voiced by me that, in fact every terrace in the neighbourhood could be converted into a productive space that can supply the building’s residents with something that is fresh, cheap and organic. This is not a wild idea. It just needs one society to trigger the wave. Any takers?
The last fortnight saw the VW Team on an extended road trip to some popular locations in Karnataka. The drive through rural ambience was a lesson in the chasm that exists in the perspectives and priorities of the urban population vis a vis village folk.
Attending a Summer Camp now seems to be de rigueur for most kids during holidays. No more just running around the neighbourhood in the sun, playing games invented by the group, or plain bonding with friends under a shady tree. A little time and space for simple dreaming is necessary too. Dreams are the playgrounds of innovation and invention.
This issue features several diverse and interesting activities that one could be a part of – Angling, quilt making, Konkan Fruit Fest, Aam Ras – celebrating summer. Make the most of what’s on offer.
Be wary of expecting everything leading to a concrete result. Enjoy the journey through these experiences.