Of gossip and the grapevine

The incessant rains over the last fortnight spawned some interesting nuggets of gossip in our neighbourhood village.
Our maid lives in the village down the road in a very picturesque and serene ambience amongst coconut plantations and paddy fields.
A couple of days ago in the course of her chatter with the lady of the house (LOH), she revealed that the latest gossip in the village was that there would be a “Tsunami” due to the heavy rains.
The LOH, tried to clarify that what she meant was floods or a cyclone. The maid was very clear and insistent that it was “tsunami” not anything else. On being queried as to what a tsunami was she was vague and not quite clear what that meant.
In a bid to dispel her fears, the LOH explained how tsunamis are caused and showed her some YouTube videos of the tsunami that had struck in the recent past.
Now, this caused new apprehensions in the maid’s mind. She was living pretty close to the sea shore and a tsunami would surely wash away her humble abode. Her concerns were alleviated by telling her that tsunamis were not common in our region unlike in Japan and some other parts of the world.
We sincerely hope that the only tsunami that will hit them will be a wave of prosperity and a better quality of life.