Not enough summer

Yes, the sweltering end of May was something we were hoping would be relieved by the monsoon showers.
MET office predictions were a normal onset from around the end of the first week of June. But then, MET predictions are most notorious for their inaccuracies. Almost as if nature would like to keep reminding man of the insignificance of his knowledge and that there are forces beyond control.
So it was the end of this May, when what we thought to be pre monsoon showers was not to be. The showers did not peter out for a real come back after the usual ten day break.
I am sure this left a lot of us feeling that the summer ended too abruptly.
There were still a few things left on most of our diaries on things to do before the skies opened up.
A lot more mangoes to be eaten. Not enough ‘Uraak” – that end of summer elixir imbibed and savoured. Holiday makers hoping to soak in the sun and sand were left drenched on the beaches with incomplete sun tans or sunburns. Even the insects were seemingly caught unawares – but I’m sure they would have known better. If only they could sms or email us ignorant humans, Nature’s real appointment book.
Human happenings, however, seem to be out of sync with Nature’s agenda. The heat is still on in the media. Match fixing, political shenanigans and scams have kept viewer-ship temperatures on a high.
Dark human fallibilities only sap the positivity from life. Dark monsoon clouds, contrary to common usage, are actually life giving.