Monsoon Musings

Pre monsoon showers are already here and the real monsoon clouds will envelope us in the coming fortnight.
Preparations for the rains are on full swing with plastic tarpaulin traders seeing the usual brisk sales as people hurry to get ready for the showers.
An interesting message is doing the rounds through various Whatsapp groups. It exhorts people to save the seeds of the fruits they eat and to dry them. The message then asks that these seeds be cast on the side of the roads as one travels. The monsoon showers will assist the saplings to establish themselves. This seems a very simple way to propagate useful trees along roadsides and in other spaces.
If a large number of people carry out this action, the percentage of the seeds that will germinate and survive to grow into trees will be quite significant. This reminds me of the legendary story of Johnny Appleseed who went about the American countryside planting apple seeds that then became flourishing orchards.
My only fear is that the fruits on these trees in public space should not lead to squabbles by greedy individuals out to make a fast buck.
Notwithstanding this eventuality, this message does have the potential to transform our roadsides into a wonderful sight.
It’s worth giving this idea a try!