Monsoon Melodies

The last couple of days has seen the skies opening up and showers providing a welcome relief from the sweltering heat.
But, what I look forward to more than the cooling showers, is the arrival of the monsoon orchestra that somehow as if by magic arrives at the small pond in my garden for the evening concerts.
Come sundown and the show begins. Since the showers have just started it looks like only the trombone player has arrived at my watery amphitheatre. Soon, he will be joined by the saxophone player and also the shrill accompaniment of the clarinet specialist. While these amphibian artistes are the main show there is some addition to the music by the castanet beat of the insects and some special appearances given by the ethereal glow of the fireflies. At times the heavy drops of rain beat on the tiled roof and provide the drum beats that occurs in unison with the melody.
They know the monsoons have arrived and it is time to begin their shows. The pond provides the ideal ambience – water lilies look like the ideal seating arrangement. The palm fronds provide the backdrop, and duranta bushes form the curtains of the main stage.
While for me it is a musical evening, for them it is the serenade of survival. Their call to their mates to ensure the species is propagated and another generation is conceived to fill in the web of life.
This is an annual festival of nature in action. One needs  to slow down, savour the ambience and reflect on things other than the material and mundane.