Moan Soon

It is always the case. The end of May – hot, humid and sticky weather brings one’s mind to the tether’s end. The longing for the cool monsoon showers becomes an increasing obsession notwithstanding the fact that an increasing percentage of spaces both private, public and workplaces are air conditioned and immune to the vagaries of the weather God’s whims.
When the skies open up and cool showers bring relief, the laments change tack. It will then be flooded roads, potholes, mosquitoes, seeping walls and roofs, damp laundry, power and telephone breakdowns.
And the yearning for clear skies and dry days steadily occupies the sub conscious space.
The sooner our moaning about the weather ends, the quicker the days will seem brighter, cooler and crisper.
Never mind the colour of the clouds in the sky!

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  1. Ginza

    Pithy and nice!