May Day – May Day – May Day


Yes, the title is the universal emergency call for aviators, mariners and all those in distress.
The common citizen is being called upon once again to rescue the country through the ballot box. The collective common sense of the man on the street has always pulled the country from several brinks of democratic disaster and set the subcontinent back on even keel.
Once again we are witnessing the storm before the calm.
The battle of the ballot is reaching its crescendo. Barbs, jibes, mudslinging, innuendoes and rhetoric, pervades the charged atmosphere underlining the high stakes that are at play.
Notwithstanding the promises and inducements, the man behind the finger that presses the button has always emerged victorious.
With a nation that has a major portion of its citizens in the under-30 age bracket, expectations, priorities and hopes are on a plane that was never before at play in an electoral battle.
The country is yearning for not just a government but for effective governance.
Just a fortnight to go for the die to be cast.
The May Day call is the clarion call to the victors of the ballot to ensure that the potential of our great nation is not frittered away.