Mangoes and a muggy afternoon

Fixing, greed, betting, molestation, rape, assault, bomb blasts, violence – the cup of negativity is verily overflowing.
In the midst of this seemingly unending spiral into hell are spots of sanity that scintillate through the miasma.
Life can be simple, uncomplicated and serene. We only need to revel in what are considered inane everyday mundane activities.
Extricate yourself from the notion that simple is boring.
This is just what groups like the Nari Artisan Movement are striving to revive in our lives.
When was the last time you actually stitched a button on to your shirt? Have you tried your hand at making some yummy mango pickle this season? Ever grown some mint in a small pot on your balcony?
The list of such simple uncomplicated activities is actually unending.
Try out this strategy.
Simplicity fosters serenity!