Knowing Your Onions

My domestic help and gardener have stopped buying onions. It has been over a month since they last tasted this pungent bulb.
I elaborated for them the genesis and reasons that have led to this situation. I attempted to explain to them the nuances of the macro economic factors that were part of the cause. I also touched upon the supply chain problems and lack of cold stores to stock bumper harvests. The fall of the rupee vis a vis the dollar that caused a spurt in onion exports leading to erratic domestic supply was also intimated to them. They were given inputs on how the whole national government machinery was addressing this issue with export moratoriums and emergency imports of stocks and even the RBI doing its bit to stabilise the slide of the rupee.
The effects of early monsoon, coupled with erratic monsoon onset and progress and heavy untimely showers causing crop distress were also expressed.
The cascading effects of hoarders aggravating the local market supplies also formed part of my lecture on onions to these two hapless citizens.
The two of them kept nodding their heads. Did they finally realise how complex the whole situation was?
I finally ran out of breath and had covered almost the whole gamut of reasons, both macro and micro, global, national and local, that had led to the reasons for them to forget the taste of onions.
They looked at me with a sense of resignation.
Then, in their earthy and well-grounded view of the world they just said, “We just think the guys in charge don’t know their onions!”