Journeying On – Vasco Watch completes 16 years in print

cover img“Success is not final and failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.
Our publication now moves into its 17th year in print. The quote above is in many ways synonymous with our endeavours.When we published the first issue in Aug 1999, what we aimed at was to enjoy the journey and make it relevant and satisfying for both, us as well as the neighbourhood. Sixteen years down the line, the journey continues. We have kept our focus on ” now and here” and have not distracted ourselves with visions of the distant future.
Our publication has over the years not only provided a source of credible information and been highlighting the endeavours and achievements of the citizens of the neighbourhood, but also been the initiator of a slew of Community Initiative programmes to add to the quality of life of the neighbourhood.
The ongoing “Cook Express”, now in its second edition and having completed one and a half years is a much sought after programme by the women of our neighbourhood.
The Young Journalist initiative has put the spark of a literary or a journalism path in many a youngster.
Rim Jhim and Aam Ras – events that exhort us to enjoy the seasons- come rain or sunshine.
Several citizens have become avid kitchen gardeners, growing their own organic veggies in their backyard or balconies. The regular kitchen garden workshops that we conducted have encouraged them into becoming urban farmers.
Several art and craft workshops and theatre, Coffee with Kavitha, visits to places of interest like the State Library and Butterfly Conservatory have provided citizens an avenue to widen their horizons without the hassle of worrying about the logistics.
Co-ordinating the side shows for the annual Goa River Marathon has made the event more participative for those not running the race.
Your neighbourhood newspaper, Vasco Watch, the first of its kind in Goa, is more than just a collection of random articles and advertisements. We strive to be the catalyst that gels the neighbourhood together and provide a sense of camaraderie
We started in the days when technology was still rudimentary and getting the issue on the stands was a laborious process. We have lived through the steady changes in technology that has made printing and publishing a more efficient and faster process.
Our reach has grown with the steady increase in the newspaper reading population. From an initial print run of 5000 copies we now circulate 14500 copies that reaches every corner of the neighbourhood.
Our journey continues. Through all the ups and downs we have steadily chugged along and most importantly enjoyed every moment and new experience.
Our heartfelt gratitude to the neighbourhood for your support and appreciation of our endeavours.