Home going

May is the month when families make that annual “return to the roots” trip. It may be the ancestral home where the grandparents stay or their home town to their original abode.
With family dynamics changing rapidly, affordability and facility to travel increasing significantly, many opt for a holiday to places within or out of the country during the holiday season.
It is also a time when many families suddenly face the prospect of having to do all the household chores on their own – the housemaid is also off to her hometown.
Our housemaid too is off to her hometown after almost 5 years. Coming from a distant land in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, her pangs to see the mountains and go back to her childhood rural ambience was very evidently palpable in her moods, as the day to begin the journey drew closer. Not for her the glitz and gloss of urban life, or the so called modern conveniences that city dwellers can’t live without. She expressed with typical unassuming honesty and down to earth candour that she will be happy doing what everyone else in her village does – tend to the fields, graze the goats, collect firewood and do the umpteen other things that villagers do as part of their daily routine and housekeeping.
Quite obviously, for her, “Home is not just where the hearth is” but, more so where her heart is!