Hobby Connections

People get connected in various ways – through residential enclaves, educational institutions, social organizations and clubs, profession, sport and the like. In most cases the age group of the individuals being connected is the same or within a very small range.
But there are some activities that transcend the age barrier and cause connections between two individuals of very dissimilar ages. What brings the two together is interest in a common activity.
Being an avid aero-modeling enthusiast, I had posted some videos and articles of my activities on the YouTube and some other sites and blogs.
I was quite surprised by the many queries that I got from various parts of the country. They were mostly just one off communications.
However, one connection persisted and continued to become a regular discussion. This young 14 year old school lad was from far away Jammu.
He was quite keen in developing his skills in the field of aero-modeling. He would bombard me with queries on various aspects of sourcing appropriate kits and other raw material, building instructions and flying tips.
Corresponding with someone whom you have never met, on email and Whatsapp, who is at the other end of the sub continent, at times can seem unreal.
So it was a pleasant surprise when this young boy mailed that he was coming to Goa for a holiday with his folks and would ensure we met.
And meet we did – two individuals on either horizon of the age barrier. For him it was like meeting his mentor – for me a revelation that I could connect to someone fifty years younger.
This young lad has gone back to far away Jammu.
But now the connection is more than just with a cyber friend.