As you sow - so you reap

It has been harvest time around the country in the months gone by and “Baisakhi” the festival celebrated with vigor and zeal especially in the north has just gone by.
The students who have completed their exams are waiting with bated breath for their results. They will reap the results of their efforts or rue the fact that they did not use the time gone by productively.
The outcome of the results will soon fade into the background and the focus will be on how to make the best use of the holidays.
Summer camps have now become de rigueur with parents chalking out which camps their wards will attend and how they will be dropped and picked up.
It is a time when youngsters can pick up a new activity, learn a new skill, make new friends at these camps and make the summer a time to remember and reminisce over in times to come.
Childhood summer holidays is a phase in life that needs to be savoured and enjoyed to the fullest. Slurp your ice-creams, drink loads of juice, and just laugh, play and bond with your friends.
Oh! I wish I could turn the clock back and be a child again!