Food Security Redefined

Onions, potatoes, tomatoes, dal, rice, wheat. The prohibitive cost of these items will very soon make them eligible to be declared as valuables.
You will then certainly need food security.
Picture this, special tamper-proof lockers at home for securing your grains and pulses.
A burglar enters your house and decamps with your prized sack of basmati rice ignoring your latest smart phone. After all, can you eat a smart phone?
Some imaginative entrepreneur may set up refrigerated or humidity-free vaults, like bank lockers to store your very valuable veggies,  fruits, pulses and grains.
A museum displaying preserved specimens of these food stuffs may need to be set up for future generations to see and learn about them.
The museum will, of course, need state of the art surveillance and security equipment installed to prevent pilferage and theft!
Due to their sheer value – something like the gold reserves of the country – mountains of rotting grain stocks in government godowns would finally be secured by making then adequately rodent and infestation free.
This may seem silly, but, here are some observations I received from a friend via email that should give some food for thought.
” For the first time ‘Need’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Luxury’ are sold at the same price in India!
Onions Rs.65, Petrol Rs.65 and Beer Rs.65
25 years ago Idlis were 25 paise & International calls were 25 rupees .
Now idlis are 25 rupees & International calls are 25 paise! “