Faster Higher Stronger


The forthcoming Sunday will once again see an event that pushes the levels of human endurance to extreme levels.
Climbing peaks, swimming or sailing across oceans, running and cycling extraordinarily long distances, sky diving from stratospheric heights – the list of such feats is unending.
The advent of professional sport and handsome prize money has made such activities quite lucrative if one can reach the level of top performers. But ask anyone who is at the highest level of performance and you will realise that the lure of money is not the driving factor.
What then is the ingredient in human nature that makes one strive to perform feats of strength, endurance, and pure mental grit. As one famous mountaineer stated, he strived to conquer new peaks simply because they were there.
The sheer mind over body phenomenon that comes in full display when the limits of human physical limits are tested is a lesson in the nature of human psychology.
As Kathrine Switzer, women’s marathon pioneer states –
“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.”
So go out this Sunday morning, join the other marathoners, and test your ability to push yourself to the limit.