Dying For The Country

“If a country desires peace, progress and prosperity, it can only be achieved if the enemy knows that you are at all times prepared for war” – George Washington.
The importance of recognising the travails and sacrifices of the men in uniform therefore, needs no emphasis.
We are a country that has no war memorial!
The Independence day is round the corner. Independence in thought and action can only be achieved if there is no Damocles sword subjugating your ability to think with a free mind.
The country too can only think and act with freedom if its territorial integrity and safety of its citizens are not in constant jeopardy. This is where the need to recognise the ultimate sacrifice of the guardians at the border should be given due national priority.
Events of the recent past have shown abject insensitivity and disregard for even those who have lost their lives so that others may sleep in peace.
Have we become a nation with no national character, no pride in its martyrs, no ability to care and share for the common good?
Time for a reality check this 15th Aug.
Dear India – Quo vadis?