Diamonds and dal


The latest budget has rationalised the duties on diamonds making the pre – formed variety of this precious stone, cheaper. No such luck for the lowly dal.
Cost of essential food items are on the constant upward move – budget or no budget.
The lady of the house went grocery shopping post budget.
I gently suggested that going to the jewellery store may be a more affordable outing what with diamonds becoming cheaper.
Jewellery purchase had always entailed long term planning and sacrifice of some other essential domestic need. Grocery shopping required no such strategy – it was after all a daily essential – one never planned next year’s grocery bill.
The tables seem to be slowly turning. More than turning , the stuff turning up on the table at meal time will need to be pared down as the days go by.
Unpolished dal does not have a lobby and neither does processed dal seem an exciting export option. After all can “Dal Makhani ever be sent across the oceans in tanker-loads and add to the foreign exchange reserves?
Who knows! This trend may lead to the incongruous situation of diamonds turning up as adulterants in dal. The oft used phrase “Dal mein kuch kaala hai” will need to be replaced with ” Dal mein kuch safed hain”!
Your diamonds will definitely be forever, but your dal may not!