Creativity, Invention and Corruption


The morning’s paper carried an article wherein the man behind Infosys, Narayanmurthy, lamented that there has not been a single invention from India in the last 60 years, of any real consequence, to delight the global community . None of the higher institutes of technical learning have produced any earthshaking new product or processes he stated.
Institutes in the West like the MIT and other technical educational hubs, however, have been regularly creating things that make life easier or create paradigm shift in the way things are done.
Permit me to be a little cynical.
The mantra is to leverage your innate skills.
Ours is a society where corruption has seeped to the lowest levels of day to day life. Any attempt to blank out avenues for corrupt practices through new technologies like digitisation and reduction in human discretionary decision making, actually brings out the inventiveness in us to nullify these attempts with new strategies to keep the below- the- table flow going without any impediment.
Perhaps, then, instead of saying that corruption has got institutionalised, we should set up an Institute for Corrupt Strategies.
This place of higher learning should certainly draw the best brains in the field of bribe taking and giving as faculty. In fact, the guys who get appointed would have actually got selected through the most ingenious unfair methods of influencing the selection committee. This itself will be the acid test of their real worth of suitability.
Students will, of course, be under a constant pressure to get the qualification certificate without actually being worthy of doing so. The course will, therefore, be a continuous internship in corrupt practices.
There will of course be specialisations like evading income tax, getting fake graduation certificates, buying and selling votes, stashing unaccounted money in foreign tax havens and several other such topics.
The positive uses of graduates from this institute actually exists !
You need to set a thief to catch a thief.
They can be employed in departments to be the watchdogs to counter any corrupt practices. Something like ethical hacking.
The only catch in this line of thinking is – what if he turns out to be a turncoat and collaborates with the corrupt.
Perhaps this is the conundrum we need to solve.