Coal Pollution & Democracy

Little wonder coal is causing so much chaos, confusion and crises – for the colour black has always been associated with all things negative. And few things in nature are blacker than coal.
This fossil fuel seems to have fossilised the intellect and common sense of people in positions of immense responsibility and power.
This substance has degraded the credibility and moral fibre of the powers that be and critical institutions to that worse than dung – the other lower form of fuel of the Aam Aadmi.
Closer home the black substance has vitiated the atmosphere – both literally and metaphorically. Are genuine efforts to resolve this issue being scuttled by various vested interests?
Considering the almost umbilical connection between the two C’s – coal and citizens – it is ironic that this amorphous substance has been the source of immense human suffering.
Hope still exists for we know that coal and diamond are intrinsically the same substance – carbon.
We need to decipher the magic of chemistry that can transform these dark happenings and restore the clarity and brilliance that history tells us was the hallmark of our civilisation.