C.R.Y. – Child Regulations and You

We live in an amazing system. The emphasis, ostensibly is on ensuring a better future. This, while the past has been the cause of many of the present ills and the present is in many ways exacerbating the situation that further jeopardises the future.
Talking of the future, the oft repeated two words are “future generation.” This section of our population seems to be the most under siege.
Take for example the recent school hours extension. Adults seek to extend the school timings justified as performance improving measures. All this while adults – the present generation, shirk work shamelessly. No marks for assessing the efficiency and absenteeism in many government or public offices and institutions.
Even the justice givers work for just about half the year despite an enormous backlog of cases.
The strategy to improve curriculum emphasises on quantity and not quality. Trivia and detail that are more relevant for higher academic levels get pushed down into the syllabi of lower classes.
Desk bound school time within the confines of the four walls, especially in a beautiful state like Goa, is akin to rearing broiler chicken in cramped cages. There is no time for this future generation to day dream, let imagination run free or digest basic concepts.
My heart yearns for a paradigm shift in the thought process that will allow the children to roam the prairies of rich and varied experiences of life like un-corralled horses.