At the mercy of Caju

The way things are, it is each one to his own in terms of safety and security.
I decided to equip myself with a self-defence strategy. Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Krav Maga were all passé and ineffective.
Not for me the rigour and discipline of these martial arts. I needed something more visible and macho.
I made discreet enquiries to shortlist my options.
The shopping list was ready.
However, the proposed strategy needed a heavy financial outlay.
A bank loan was the natural option. My IT returns and balance sheets were in order.
But the loan application was declined.
“We understand your fears and apprehensions, but we cannot hypothecate hardware such as AK47’s and hand grenades” said the bank.
My near and dear ones berated my idea and called me a nut.
On the topic of nuts, Caju came to my rescue.
Thank God it’s Goa.
I decided it was best that I surrender myself and be at the mercy of that divine elixir made from Caju.