15 years pass as time stands still


A decade and a half sounds like an eternity, but for us the Vasco Watch Team the fifteen years seems to have been just a blur. When you are immersed in the present – Time seems to stand still.
The past and future are time zones that don’t penetrate or distract the consciousness. The 365 days gone by seems just a single moment. When I sat down to write this piece, I endeavoured to recollect significant events, singular achievements of neighbourhood citizens’ and other happenings in the year gone by. With the mind mulling over these thoughts – it dawned that the seemingly mundane also deserved merit.
Every day is a celebration, every action however small, simple or seemingly inconsequential, is actually significant for someone or something.
The atmosphere is overwhelmingly saturated with hype and hoopla with celebrity and sensational content being predominant. The Vasco Watch has conscientiously refrained from this path and have instead endeavoured to seek and disseminate the message that the ordinary is not synonymous to trivial or unimportant.
Our various Community Initiatives, like Rim Jhim – Celebrating Rain, Aam Ras – Celebrating Summer, Young Voices – Children’s Special Issue, Josh Express, Cook Express, Kitchen Garden Workshops, Art workshops, Storytelling sessions and more have drawn enthusiastic response – testimony to the fact that there exists a strong sense of camaraderie and willingness to share and care for the neighbour and the neighbourhood.
Our limited space on newsprint has not deterred us from packing a punch in our content with all the relevant neighbourhood natter in a nifty package.
Our website – vascowatchonline .com, now affords ample space and provides reach to an unlimited audience across the world.
The journey continues, as we walk hand in hand with all our readers, advertisers, distributors, contributors, well-wishers, and supporters into the far horizon where the promised pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will not be just a mirage, but a mutually enriching experience.
We thank the neighbourhood for your wonderful support.