100% “IDI” needed

This has nothing to do with foreigners or their money.
We need 100% IDI – Individual Direct Investment – in our communities and neighbourhoods.
Individuals need to invest directly for the betterment of their quality of life through clean, corruption free, efficiently run cities, towns and villages.
Investment begins at home! We need to invest in terms of our own attitudes, morality, and self-discipline.
Starting with the much trashed garbage and cleanliness issue. Is it so difficult to segregate waste at home level and dispose it responsibly? It is just a simple matter of self- discipline and attitude.
Talking of attitude – both – those in governance and the governed require the right attitude. Those in governance need to have a positive outlook to their mandated duties and those being governed adopt a co-operative mind set.
Add to this interaction, the morality factor – if there is no one willing to give – the takers are automatically neutralised. One needs self-discipline to follow the rules and regulations and not circumvent them using the greased path.
All this boils down to simple day to day life. Stand in queues, drive and park according to the traffic rules, use garbage bins, pay your taxes, etc., — the million small things that seem insignificant as an isolated individual action but add up to a huge wave when the droplets get together.
So folks let’s give our 100% “IDI”.