Cook Express – TENDER COCONUT SOUFFLÉ by Divya & Dhanwanti Furtado

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As a part of Cook Express, a Vasco Watch Community Initiative, the Mother and Daughter Duo Dhanwanti  Furtado and Divya Furtado demonstrated how to make the unique and scrumptious Tender Coconut Soufflé.

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Tender Coconut Soufflé


  • 10 Tender Coconuts
  • 2 Tins Milkmaid
  • Gelatin –
  • 2 packets (1ltr) Pasteurised Milk
  • Sugar if required


First, soak the gelatin in a little warm water & leave to dissolve.

In the meantime…

Strain the tender coconut water and keep it in a big utensil.

Cut the soft malai ( kernel) and keep aside for later.

To the tender coconut water add milk, milkmaid, sugar and malai.

Add the gelatin, stir well and leave to set in the fridge for 5-6 hrs.



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