Cook Express – Sambhalpur Special by Parwati Sahu

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Parwati Sahu has been part of our neighbourhood for the past 12 years. She hails from the culturally rich Sambhalpur district of Orissa. She has an interest in cooking and regularly watches the Food and cuisine shows on TV. Parwati boarded the Cook Express on 23 May 2014 to share some traditional typical Sambhalpuri recipes – Purowada and a sweet dish Mooga Kanti. Get the recipe from below and make these delicious dishes.
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Puro Wada


For Batter

  • Udad  Dal 1kg
  • Dosa  Rice 1 cup
  • Methi Seeds 1 small teaspoon

For Stuffing

  • Boiled Potato ½ kg
  • Carrot – 1, cut into small pieces
  • Beans 100gms, cut into  small pieces
  • Green  peas 1 cup
  • Onion 1 large finely chopped
  • Green Chilli – 2
  • Coriander leaves 1 cup, finely chopped
  • Turmeric
  • Salt
  • Oil 1litre
  • Mustard and Jeera seeds ½ spoon



First of all soak the ingredients for the batter and grind to make a thick batter. Add some salt to the batter and keep aside for 1 hr.


Peel and mash the boiled potatoes. Heat 2 spoon oil in a pan. Splutter the mustard and jeera seeds then add the finally chopped onion, green chilies, carrot, beans, turmeric powder and salt and cook for 5 mints. Put the green peas and mashed potatoes into the pan. At the end mix the chopped coriander leaves and turn the flame off.

Now after cooling it for some time make small balls of it.

Smear your hand with the oil or water. Now take the thick batter and make a pocket for stuffing, after that put the potato ball inside it and close it properly and deep fry in kadhai.

Serve hot with chutney or sauce.


Moogo Kanti


  • Moong dal 1kg
  • Jaggery ½ kg
  • Oil / Ghee ½ litre


First soak the dal for 1 to 2 hrs. Then grind the dal with jaggery.

Now put the ground mixture in a deep pan with some water [1 cup] and put it in a flame.

Continuously stir it to make a dough like mixture. Then allow it in a Flat Thali [plate] to cool. Cut it into pieces in shapes as your wish with a knife. Then heat the oil/ghee in a pan and deep fry all the cut pieces till golden brown. Now your Moogo Kanti is ready.