Cook Express – Mocktails by Donsavio Lacerda

Vascowatch Cookexpress Donsavio Mocktails 59

We had a Don in Bartending boarding the Cook Express.
Donsavio Lacerda will teach you the ropes of making creamy, fizzy and other thirst quenching mocktails. Just what the doctor ordered for this hot summer.
Donsavio has had a passion for training people in the food & beverage arena and has conducted several workshops as a freelance trainer. He has in a short time succeeded in making a mark as a hospitality trainer.
Don has specialized bar-tending workshops with upselling techniques and basic flair.
His years of experience with the Costa Cruise Liner (Italian cruise), Star Cruise (Asian Cruise Liner), The Leela Goa and (ITC) Windsor Manor, Bangalore have honed his skills in this profession. His yen to share his expertise as trainer has led him to lecture at hotel management institutes like IHRM and RICH.
Don conducts private bar-tending workshops. He also offers his bartending services for private parties, for celebrations and occasions.

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