Cook Express – BREADS & BAKING by Rita Shinde

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On the occasion of International Women’s Day on Mar 8th, the Vasco Watch brings the
Cook Express to the women of our neighbourhood.
Cook Express will be an ongoing cooking class programme that aims to involve women of our neighbourhood who will share their passion for cooking with people of the neighbourhood. The cooking instructors will be people from all walks of life.

We have scheduled a variety of recipes that are sure to get you interested.(Click here to know more)

The first Class was an introduction to different Breads and Baking procedures at Rita’s Gourmet – Cakes and Bread outlet at Dabolim.
Rita’s Gourmet Goa – Cookery Class was featured in the Programme Twist of Taste-Season 3 anchored by Writer and Masterchef Vikas Khanna, on Fox Traveller recently.
Breads: Oatmeal Wheat Bread, Garlic & Herb Wheat Bread, Spiced Wheat Bread, Sesame Wheat Bread, Multi grain bread, Olive Focaccia, Baguette, Chocolate Bread, Cheese Bread, Dinner rolls etc.
During the interactive session Rita Shinde took the participants through the step-by-step procedure in bread-making right from kneading, proving and baking, enjoying the aroma and savour the freshly baked breads. Few of the breads taught were Whole Wheat Garlic Bread, Stuffed Bread etc.


If you wish to demonstrate a recipe, or/and need a venue, simply click here and send us your contact details .