Our Planet in 3014

The essay that won the First prize at the Association of Friends of Astronomy Essay Competition.

Navy Children School

10, 9, 8,…2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR 3014 EVERYONE !!!! I screamed and greeted people all around. I flipped my palm open (activating the cell phone embedded) and called my best friends in Sector 56(formerly the USA) and Sector 25 (formerly Hawaii) to wish them. We decided to meet for breakfast at Sydney Opera House and watch the first sunrise of the New Year. Life has changed a lot the last 1000 years or so. History tells us that after the Great War in 2020 – when Earth was almost completely destroyed, mankind realized that to save the human race they had to do something different. Today a Council of Nations governs the world. Countries no longer exist and Earth is divided into Sectors. I guess this model has worked as peace has reigned for the past 500 years and hopefully always will. People don’t drive automobiles as we can travel to the desired place instantly using travel tablets. However, special parks still exist if you wish to enjoy the thrill of driving an 800-year-old car. Population is now strictly controlled to 4 billion and people live in identical cubicles, which contain everything we need.
With such a lot of technological advancement, people now live for 200 yrs. Cities are covered with glass domes, which control temperature and light. Schooling has also changed. There are 12 months in a year and 12 levels to complete. All students are given an injection every month for a year. This injection passes all information of that level through the bloodstream to the brain. In short, everyone knows everything. These injections are given when a student is 9-10 years old.
The next month will see the start of the IPL 1007. The Annual Intergalactic Premier League is the greatest spectacle in the Galaxy. This cricket tournament matches teams from the whole universe and is a visual delight. The current titleholders are the Martians. However, I feel they have a distinct advantage, as they are 11 feet tall. This year the team from Uranus is expected to give them a tough fight. They have a technique of hitting the ball underground!! Though mankind has made such advancements, we still haven’t conquered Death and God still remains a mystery.
In today’s world duty is above all. Emotions make no sense. Love and concern do not exist. Friendship thankfully has been with us throughout but nothing more. The truth is that we can’t change, can’t go back but only live with the fact that after 7 years you are allowed to do whatever you want.
And, as I looked out of the window of the 1054th level, I wondered what the coming 1000 years would hold for us.