Who is responsible?

by Altaf Shah

We see lot of things on the roads and say to ourselves who is responsible for this substandard and inferior quality work but do we take up these issues with the concerned authorities if not then we are equally responsible for the sad state of affairs?
We see the wires (rolled up) hanging on the electric poles on the streets (entire stretch of Swatantra Path, Vasco), on inquiring we are informed they belong to the local cable operator. Is it not a eyesore? Who has given them the permission to put up this hundreds of metres of cables on these electricity poles?
We also see the chambers being constructed on the roads. One fails to understand whether it is a boon or a bane. The chamber is open from the sides for all the muck to enter in it from the sides, it is placed in such a way that a very valuable parking place is lost because of the height and also it is dangerous with all the rusted steel on the side and exposed, which can cause injury to anyone. (One such chamber is
opposite the Masjid in the Vasco market). Wonder who has built such a terrible chamber, wonder who has given him a job completion certificate.
We have a very energetic team of Councillors and we are hopeful that issues which are highlighted and bought to their notice will be immediately dealt with.