Garbage Clearance problems in Vaddem

Citizen's Speak |Jhansi Lakshmi
20160602 064718

We thank Ms. Deepali Naik, the Chief Officer of Mormugao Municipal Council for acting promptly on the complaint of non-clearance of garbage in a storm drain at Merces Chapel Road in Vaddem. The choked drain caused the overflowing water to enter our house on the ground floor.

It would, of course, have been appreciated had the Council done the pre-monsoon works well in time.
To make our Bharat really Swachh, the people involved in the lifting of garbage and keeping our streets & storm drains cleared need to be praised for their efforts and given their due to keep them motivated to do their job. We could also help make their job easier by disposing off household waste properly and only after segregating. Every citizen needs to participate in this effort and work to keep our city clean.
Cleanliness should be taken as a responsibility and should be kept above politics. The Councilors should work with the people to keep every ward free of garbage and every storm drain cleaned to ensure free flow of rain-water. It is only when we work together that we will succeed in every aspect of civic sense in this beautiful city of ours.