Roger Federer – Out Ranked and Out Flavoured – Nitin Bandekar

I had read in the Fortune magazine two months back that Roger Federer is the new brand ambassador for Moët and Chandon. I was very excited to read this article and truly believe that RF is one of the greatest sports person around at the moment having a huge mass appeal both to the young and the old.
Now shifting back to the tennis court and focussing on RF for the year gone by so far . The less said the better . Every supreme athlete has ups and downs in his form and this year so far as been RF at his worst . Lets not talk about his rankings at all. I like what Nadal always says about rankings – “it doesn’t bother me “- he states.But for RF rankings is everything and it should be. After all he is a champion .
I was truly disapointed when he lost in straight sets at the Wimbledon second round . Some say that RF is a master when it comes to winning in tie breakers. But in the second round he blew up all opportunities and went down in straight sets all in tie breakers . Absolutely disappointing for anybody following RF.
Ok . Lets believe that it happens sometimes to all players but this is no lame game.. It was the grand slam and RF is still considered as the best grass court player of all times.
He has to do something if he wants to be in the finals at the US open. Early July he took a wild card entry to play in Hamburg ( wild card for RF ?? ). May be he needed the practise ahead of the US open. So far so good !! After narrowly winning in the quarter finals he lost to a player ranked outside the 100 for the second time in two months again in starlight sets ( Can you believe it -and in tie breakers ).It was so disappointing to see him lose. Wonder what the hell is going around in Rogers mind???
Last week I read that he lost in the second round at the Swiss open to a player ranked outside top 50. I almost threw away the news paper after reading this .
What is happening to RF can happen to anybody . Loss in concentration and absolute loss of form. But as said above he has to pull up his socks quickly now . With the masters cup coming up in Toronto early August and then moving to the US open series immediately after that he has to win at least one of the tournaments where he has been so successful in the past or else his awful year will continue to haunt him.
Talking about the Toronto masters and the US open series watch out for Andy Murray.He is in super form and would like to add this to his wonderful year. Yeah – remember its not easy to defend any title but I believe that Andy has this power to defend his title at the US open.