Conserve our wilds from the garbage and picnickers menace

Dear all,

It scares me. The apathy towards our forests by picnickers and the likes. The sheer carelessness towards habitats for personal gains. every forest and waterfall is now being trashed with garbage, broken bottles and litter. And it is flowing down into our rivers, contaminating ground water choking streams and a zillion creatures. This has to stop. Enforcement and education have to go hand in hand…before it is too late.
I am sure you have all witnessed the same, in all our forests, streams, near waterfalls and springs. The social media can only play a limited role in this while the Print media, especially the vernacular media can be of great help. Please help by highlighting this issue of utter disrespect to our habitats and our fresh water bodies. While alcohol consumption and rowdy behaviour has now become a daily routine, our forests are being turned into dump yards of rubbish and glass bottles.
The need for law enforcement agencies to enforce the code of law in our forests is crucial now. Our local panchayats too need to exercise their powers while our thinkers, writers and social activists need to speak out…before it is too late.
There needs to be a policy in place. For protected areas…for natural resource areas…for places where the natural beauty of a place is of importance more than the utility of it as a ‘picnic spot’ that is trashed for short term entertainment value. Our Government needs to look at long term returns from our ecology rather than short term returns for economy.
I am witnessing an irreversible damage being caused to Chorla Ghats, Amboli Ghats, Netravali and Maine Pi waterfalls and a whole lot of once pristine areas that were wildlife havens just 3-4 years ago. It is a plea. Let us create awareness in every section of the people we can reach out to….before it is too late.
I appeal to you all to come forward on your own and open fronts to address these issues to begin with…we sure have a long way to go…before it is too late.

Keep the faith,
Nirmal U Kulkarni | |